A hand-drawn colouring book

Don't Stay In The Lines

£9.99 + S&H

CameraShy is proud to support Quiet & Noise. “Don’t Stay In The Lines” is a colouring book full of hand-drawn pictures by Quiet & Noise (artist Aicha Bahij). Truly unique and powerful, “Don’t Stay In The Lines” can more accurately be described as colouring poetry.

This product is available now from the link below or in the Bradford Blackwell's bookshop. 

"It's such a human experience...the spirituality, the struggles, sometimes strength, sometimes weakness...sometimes bliss sometimes loneliness."

H. A. Khan

Quiet & Noise

(Aicha Bahij)

Established in Bradford in 1982, Aicha’s work is centred around the human condition and how we
make ourselves heard.
Terrible at small talk, Aicha attempts to describe her maelstrom of brain-tides through the pictures
she draws; as her favourite artist, Edward Hopper, once said: “If you could say it in words, there'd be
no reason to paint”.
Working mainly in ink, Aicha has developed a unique style over the past decade, where simple and
uneven lines, meet more detailed and complex images, so mirroring the ups and downs of life, the
Quiet and the Noise.


As well a personal pieces, Aicha also freelances as an illustrator - some of her clients include:

Student Minds, Islamic Relief, Yorkshire MESMAC, University of Bradford Student’s Union, Bradford Bullfrogs, Sustrans, Black Students; Campaign, NUS Womens’ Campaign, University of Bradford Climate Week, C4A Coast2Coast and Human Appeal.

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