CameraShy runs filmmaking workshops at different times throughout the year for a wide range of ages. Currently, we are working with Artworks Creative Communities on the project EU Bah Gum! to deliver a film made entirely by a group of new filmmakers. 


We also are running youth sessions in conjunction with Artworks Creative Communities at selected youth centres in the Bradford area for a limited time.


For more information on the current workshops, or to schedule a series of sessions please contact


We offer two different kinds of workshops - one uses every day devices like tablets or phones while the other uses more sophisticated film technology


We look at story structure for narrative films as well as documentary style filmmaking. Even if it's as simple as wanting to create a nice montage of family photos, it's nice to have structure.


There's a lot that goes into making a film 'good'. Step by step, we'll go through it, achieving not only a better product but a better understanding of film literacy.


Editing is one of the biggest barriers for many amateur filmmakers of all ages. There are multiple free programs available that will work on any basic home computer and even your tablet or phone.

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